How Much Does It Cost to Build Uber Like App?

Within the first half-year of the application’s launch, Uber garnered 6,000 users and completed almost 20,000 successful rides. The bottom line is instead of wasting precious time looking for shortcuts, get started with modern technology solutions that would ensure long-term success and business stability. App solutions are compatible and can work for all solution devices such as mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet. Moreover, applications are developed for android and iOS mobile phones.

This is only one of the reasons why many founders looking to build ride-sharing apps model their products on Uber. In the first quarter of 2020, users booked 1.65 billion trips on the app, helping the company to register a revenue of $15.8 billion. Hence, the business owner can pick and customize the structure of the application that best suits their needs and budget. Later get in touch with app development company and upgrade the app with advanced features and promote existing business with mindfully designed marketing campaigns. It’s one of the most basic features found in any taxi service app. Its primary role is to use GPS technology to navigate you to the right path to your destination.

Essential Features For Rider’s App

Uber app provides two user interface versions — for professionals and customers. Once we’ve created our user accounts, we can start building the core features of our product. We’ll begin with a booking function - allowing users to input their desired pick-up and destination address, then generate a trip based on this data. This paper examines some of the key factors that contribute to build or erode users’ trust in a platform-based service such as the one provided by Uber Technologies Inc.

  • Leverage from a full-stack technology suite to build, manage & grow your Uber Like app.
  • And an overall estimated cost for designing would depend on the animations and transitions you choose which could be ranging from $8,000 – $15,000 for an app like Uber.
  • But if you wish to add some more premium features exactly lime Uber app, the cost will rise around up to $90,000 - $150,000.
  • Describe your app and its features – it’s important to use related keywords here.
  • There are specific requirements that the company needs to fulfill while accepting card/wallet payment.

The business’s entire valuation value rose to a whopping worth of $68 billion in seven years of its inception. Here, the detailed insights into features and pricing facets may give you a better overview of an app like Uber. How to build an app like Uber’ is stealing everyone’s attention. The more amount of time required to make an app like Uber means the more it will cost. So, time also plays a very important role in cost management. It depends on the level of the developers you want to include in your team.

Researching, analyzing, and selecting a company to cooperate on your ridesharing app with. Read more about choosing a partner for your app development. First of all, it’s good to take a closer look at the exact service range Uber offers today. Users can choose from several types of cars that come with different benefits. These options are largely dependent on the location where you hail a ride.

What it costs to make an app like Uber

This article is a practical guide on how to create an Uber-like app. All the details here were acquired through the experience of running a software development company for more than 10 years. Choose the highly how to make an app like uber robust & scalable solution, backed by the most advanced technology to build your Uber like app & Uber For X app developers. The complexity of features and functionalities affects the overall development cost.

Build Your Own App Like U BER

Customer Support – this feature must be a part of the development. If your customers encounter any problems with payments, registration, etc., they should have the ability to connect with someone who can help them. Before you create an app like Uber, you need to understand how to start with the project planning and idea execution. Uber calculates the price of the ride based on its duration and distance. The ride is charged per minute if a drive is less than 11 mph (18km/h). If a car moves faster, the app charges passengers per mile covered.

Registration and personal data management: 90 -150 hours

A map with routes taken may also be helpful in the event of a complaint. As mentioned before, the estimations you can find below show the number of hours developers need to develop a specific feature for the Android platform. The time required for building the same application features for iOS is approximately similar. The driver and passenger need to have a direct line of communication in the event that they can’t find each other or experience other problems before starting a joint journey. Similarly, the calling feature should be carried out through a phone exchange due to the confidentiality of users’ phone numbers.

There are lots of other factors which you need to keep in mind while working on this project. By submitting a comment you grant a perpetual license to reproduce your words and name/web site in attribution. Inappropriate and irrelevant comments will be removed at an admin’s discretion. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared. Email notifications are Old but they are a must for at least send in the In-voice after the ride. Additionally, you can actually integrate a rating system to leverage the app’s security and boost customer satisfaction.

Build Your Own App Like U BER

Listed below are some final suggestions to developers looking to launch their cab-hailing services. Using aBaaS – Backend as a Servicewill simplify the implementation of both Geolocation and Push-Notifications features. These two features are already pre-built on BaaS platforms, and using them will reduce the engineering effort of implementation.

Build an app like Uber and ensure long-term success with us.

For people who need a ride, uber is the app on your smartphone where you can log in and request a ride. Then, a nearby driver-partner will accept the request, and the app will show you an estimate of the time it will take the driver to arrive at your pickup station. It also sends notifications that the driver is almost at your location.

Once a user is ready to book a ride, we’ll create a new workflow that triggers when the book ride button is clicked. Finally, we’ll also need to disable this input field, ensuring that users can’t edit the trips price. Next, we’ll need to configure our map to display each of these locations as they’re added. Start by setting the maps marker address to be the pick-up inputs address.

How to Make An App Like Uber for Free

To add this privilege to your app, you need to look for a taxi booking app development company. As we have seen above in this passage the Geolocation, Routing and Directions-I believe this is one of the most important features of ride-hailing apps. There is no point in creating a ride-hailing app without geolocation is of no use. It helps the drivers as well as the passengers to locate the route before riding to avoid problems. It also helps the drivers to check whether the road is too hectic etc. Usually, the hourly cost to Build an app like Uber and uber like app development cost is 25$ to 55$ hourly and it takes 500 to 1500 hours to develop taxi app from scratch.

Do you have a project in mind?

Also, don’t skip on providing the passengers with a COD option. Now that we have mentioned payment, let us look at the last thing that you must integrate. Primarily, it’s free-to-use, easy to surf, bug-free, and yet minimal interface. Penetration Testing – With our penetration testing, we are ensuring that the application is free from vulnerabilities and highly resistant to hacking.

Approximately, to create an MVP of your Uber-like app for drivers will cost $15,650 for one platform and $31,300 for two. Meanwhile, the creation of a startup company involves building the app alongside the business itself, which provides some flexibility but, typically, the tight budget. So let’s view what factors can affect the price before getting to the final cost of building an app like Uber. One more advanced feature that’s worth consideration in case you’re thinking over different strategies on how to build an Uber app. It allows users to split the cost of the ride with companions traveling with them. SMS notifications demand an additional step to be integrated into the app.

Updating user account details

Thus, when creating a rideshare app, you will need to create all these three parts of the application. Market research – conduct market research, identify main competitors and create an app like Uber that will be unlike any other competitor. The main recipe for success is to develop a unique solution and not a copycat of an already successful solution like Uber, Lyft, or other alternatives.

The app uses the location services of the app and finds cabs for him. Our professional and robust engineers will handle the entire product development, from the idea modification to the app launch and maintenance. In other words, these technologies contribute to creating a powerful solution for business within a relatively short completion timeframe.

It’ll allow you to cover not only regular passengers, but also parents who’d buy tickets for themselves and their kids or maybe nurses taking care of people with disabilities etc. Just remember to limit the number of tickets that can be bought by a single user. Otherwise, there’s definitely going to be someone who’d like to rent a whole bus for a fraction of its cost.


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