Level 51+ Quick EXP Quest + Mithril Coins

HP and Shield Block manastones will increase the cleric's survivability against physical and magical attacks, giving them more time to heal themselves and their allies. Some clerics however will opt to stack HP manastones only, giving them a massive HP boost that further helps their survivability in group or solo battles. Raw materials can be a good source of steady, low/average income. In demand materials such as metals , aether and gems can be sold in bulk or per quest requirement. You can start selling high level materials since not all people have the patience to increase their extraction level. P.S - I did some math, comparing this set with the Invasion and normal Ancient Coin set for MS; potentially, this one has a higher end result, assuming you use maxed out expanded stat manastones. You can either spend 20 BM to obtain 30 AC which is 82.5k per BM.
This include the body armor pieces to complete the LV44 blue Shulack Pirate's armor set. He also drops LV44 green Grogget's head gears for every class. The best things you can possibly get from him would be the LV44 gold Grogget's weapons. All of her gold weapon drops are tradeable, making it possible to farm her over a span of time to get valuable gears to equip or sell.

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Spirit King Agro is a giant earth-spirit that appears in the northeastern part of the research center. It drops a handful of LV43 blue items such as the Spirit King's Jewel, Shield and Tome. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide level stone or multiple copies of them. To extract them, you'll need to buy extraction tools from General Goods Merchants in major cities. Always carry multiple return scrolls Traveling in between locations is not cheap and not a walk in the park either. Save time in travelling or teleporting often by keeping return scrolls of your major cities, especially in Sanctum and Pandaemonium.
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Unfortunately, this is a untradeable item so it can only be dumped to an NPC merchant or through extracting if ever your character can't use it. In the other hand, this boss also has a very long respawn rate (probably around 2-4 hours) and the probability of getting this drop is not always 100%, don't expect to farm this rare equipment from him. Read more about how much is 1btc in usd here. Kinah Earning Opportunity Dukaki Amulets are very rare drops from the mobs in this area. You only need 2 of them to complete the quest Marmeia's Krall Research back in Sanctum. If you're lucky and diligent enough to stay and farm the mobs here for the amulets, you can sell the excess at a much higher price. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide 295p) Clever Mahiki is a rare drakie that spawns near the area. Some of its possible drops include a LV32 green Mahiki's Shield or a couple of two LV34 green accessories (Mahiki's Garnet Ring, Lazuli Ring) The Divine Shard spawns randomly in this area and has a high drop rate.

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Patema Ruins Mobs here have the chance to drop LV40-50 Manastones, Major Elemental Stones, Fine Power Shards, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert/Master Superb fluxes, Tough Rawhides and random designs. On very rare occassions, LV38 blue Justice armors, LV39 blue Justice accessories or even LV40 blue Justice weapons may drop from them as well. Dishella is a named mudthorn that can that roams the swamps north of the ruins. It has the chance drop various LV41 accessories including the green Dishella's Ruby Earrings, Dishella's Sapphire Earrings, Dishella's Ruby Ring and Sapphire Ring. The best drop that you can get from it would be the LV41 gold belt called Dishella's Stem. The only challenge is finding this mob since it has a random spawn time. The Storm Circle Mobs here have the chance to drop LV40-50 Manastones, Major Elemental Stones, Fine Power Shards, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert/Master Superb fluxes, Tough Rawhides and random designs. Random LV43 blue Luminary armors, LV44 blue Luminary accessories or LV45 Luminary weapons can be dropped by these mobs as well though the drop-rate is abyssmally low.
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(Chooh's Chain Greaves, Chooh's Plate Pauldrons) as well as the chance to drop a LV47 green Chooh's Longbow. Cascade Spring Insightful Panoptes randomly spawns in Cascade Springs. It drops LV47 green armor pieces such as Panoptes' Gauntlets which is part of the Theobomos Plate Set and Panoptes' Leggings which is part of the Theobomos Cloth set. The Unofficial Aion Kinah Guide LV44+ skillbooks or LV42-45 stigma stones. Steel Beak Griffos and Griffons in the area drops a LV46 material item called Griffon Plume. This is used for crafting Griffon's Tome or Griffon Tunic - both LV46, 355 items. Ancient weapons, LV40 Blue/Expert Designs, and various grades of Fine fluxes. Lab Chief Eirin may drop a couple of LV42 greens - Eirin's Belt or Eirin's Glasses.

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It also has the chance to drop LV40 blue weapons such as Krall Grand Chieftain's Staff or Krall Grand Chieftain's Warhammer. You can also obtain Korumonerk's Backpack from him for a quest though this quest item can be randomly dropped by other elites in the area as well. Spiritmaster Czubarto is one of the high level mini-bosses found in the upper part of KHQ. He doesn't drop any gold items but his LV40 green drops are still worth getting nevertheless. He drops Czubarto's Orb or Czubarto's Tome, as well as Harfuia's Earrings. Aside from that, there is a chance that he'll drop the LV40 green Kaidan body armors. Kratia is one of the named mobs found in the bottom floor of the temple. She appears to be a lone yet hostile woman in the ground, wandering near one of the pillars. She has second snake form named Harpback which will only appear once you defeated her first form.
Gray Mane Stalkers may drop a Night Sky Tome and Aldelle's Chain Greaves. Gray Mane Stalkers may drop a LV9 tome, a very nice upgrade for mages or something you can sell through your private store for good kinah. You can also get another LV7 green chain greaves from them as well. Gray Mane Scratchers also have a couple of greens to drop (Night Sky Sword and Aldelle's Leather Shoes) in addition to some manastones. Ishalgen Prison Camp LV 6-8 Follow the road northeast from the outpost to reach the Prison Camp. There will be several campaign quest objectives that can be done here but I won't be discussing those in detail in this guide.

  • You can repeat this quest as many times as you like, takes about 10 minutes to do, and each time you'll get Mithril Coins and 4 million experience points .
  • Its unique drop is a LV40 blue necklace called Corby's Necklace.
  • However, this item is untradeable making this mob impractical for hunting for profit.
  • In turn, you can open a private store in front of the NPCs giving the quests so players that wanted to complete the quests will have easy access to those required materials.
  • It is necessary for crafting Beast's Greatsword Dedrun the Sentinel is a hero-class agrint that roams the area.
  • You can farm materials such as Greater Elemental Stones, Strong Rawhides and ordinary/worthy/expert fine fluxes from these mobs as well.

Halabana Hot Springs The mobs in the area has the chance to drop LV34 white Volcano armors, LV37 white Barrens weapons, LV34 Offering green weapons, LV37 Tainted armors and LV30 green Fascination accessories. Blue items such as random LV33 Death Armors and LV34 Death accessories may also drop very rarely. Worthy or even expert major/fine fluxes may be farmed from them, as well as Strong Rawhides and Greater Elemental Stones. Sometimes, green and blue designs within the level range will also be dropped randomly. Wanderer Kunnenar is a lepharist revolutionary that sometimes spawns in the hot springs area of Halabana. He may drop LV37 green Kunnenar's Breastplate and Plate Greaves. Mobs here have the chance to drop LV30-40 Manastones, Greater Elemental Stones, Ordinary/Worthy/Expert Fine fluxes, Strong Rawhides and even green/blue LV33-38 crafting designs. Lucky hunters may even score random LV38 blue Justice armors, LV39 blue Justice accessories or even LV40 blue Justice weapons from them as well. You can also obtain LV47 Takun's Earrings, Greatsword, Jewel and Staff from him. His unique material drop, Boiling Blood of Takun is a prime reagent for crafting Terrifying Book, Jerkin or Plate Greaves all LV47 blue items.

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Lambos is a spirit that can be found on top of the ship in the area. He drops various LV44 green accessories such as Lambos's Diamond and Sapphire Rings/Earrings. His best drop so far will be the LV44 blue Boatswain's Headband. Kaidan Mine This area is littered with LV28-30 elites and non-elites. The best stuff you can get from grinding them would be worthy greater fluxes, random LV28 stigmas, LV29 green Mirage weapons or shield, white Patriot's armors, green LV27 Pit armors or LV30 Pit helms. Summoner Klacha is one of the named mobs deep inside the eastern part of the mine. Kantu is another mini-boss inside the mine that may drop a blue LV29 Outrider's Jerkin, as well as a LV29 green Kantu's Earring. Hulking Kurins have been reported to drop a LV25 gold Descendant's armor and a gold LV25 Authority weapon.
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This is one nasty enemy that can easily wipe out your entire group if not careful. This is one of the bosses that has a regular respawn time of around 4.5 to 5.5 hours. Endangered Crasaur is a rare mob may spawn alongside the normal crasaurs in the area. It drops LV38 green Fisna's gloves/ gauntlets, as well as a LV38 green Fisna's Ring. Veribe the Fallen is a spirit that can be farmed for LV41 green Veribe's gloves/gauntlets or her Necklace.

PSA: Ancient Coin is a Kahrun Alternative in NA!

You can also hotlink quests, if you want let the other players know that you're selling the required materials/items for that quest. LFG Channel This channel is used for players that are looking for potential members or looking for available groups to join in Group quests or grinding. This is the quickest way of finding temporary allies for quests, rifting, raiding, boss fights and many more. Add this to the 600 you get from https://www.beaxy.com/blog/bitcoin-satoshi-vision-bsv/ doing quests in Idian Depths, in your first week on a brand new character you can get over 1400 ancient coins. This, combined with the fact that unlike Kahrun, you can BUY the ancient coins make Ancient coin gear an ACTUAL possibility for regular players without billions of kinah to spend. Tahabata Pyrelord is the ultimate boss of this instance that can only be fought if your team managed to obtain an S-rank during your run.
Random godstones and stigma stones can also be dropped by mobs but on extremely rare cases. Exedil is a hero spirit that spawns on the bottom floor of Storm Circle. It may drop LV49 blue weapons such as Exedil's Warhammer, Longbow or Staff, LV49 blue Exedil's pauldrons, as well as a LV49 blue Exedil's Earrings. Kaidan Headquarters The elites here drop the Molars which can be traded for wonderful blue equipment from the shugo in the observatory in Lankusis Plateau. Usually, these insignias can be sold for a starting price of 10,000 kinah each, which can increase depending on your server's demand. You can collect these as much as you want then sell them later on. Among the items you can get randomly from the elite mobs here would be LV39 green Demise weapons, LV40 green Kaidan armors, Fine and Major fluxes , LV40 manastones, white LV37 Jungle weapons and level stigma stones. Chieftain Mamaku is another boss that may be spotted near the northern entrance of KHQ. You may also randomly obtain LV40 green Kaidan greaves/leggings from him. Black Plains Common mobs here may drop white LV27 Remorse accessories, LV27 Freezing weapons, shield, LV29 Freezing armors, green LV27 Sura's armors, LV29 Beast weapons or LV30 Fascination accessories.
It only drops a handful of stuff, such as LV36 green Araxia's Belt or Shield, and a LV36 green material item called Eldritch Amethyst. The latter can be used for crafting LV36 greens such as Amethyst Chain Helm, Amethyst Helm, Amethyst Jewel and Eldritch Amethyst Necklace. The Eldritch Amethyst can also be farmed from the normal malekors in the area. Upon defeat, he may drop various LV40 blue Bitter Ice items such as earrings, Jewel, Necklace, Ring and Tome. He also has the chance to drop LV40 gold Ice Storm helmets for random classes. It also drops a LV40 blue material item called Sever Cold Crystal that is being used for crafting LV40/ 285p blue items such as Bitter Ice Longbow, Bitter Ice Necklace, Bitter Ice Shoes and Bitter Ice Headband. Sprigg Habitat Bluehide Monitors and Snapping Potcrabs are found near the small river past the wooden bridge. You can get LV22 green Revenge and LV27 Sura's armor from them, as well as white Tundra items. Firefly Sparkies are also known to drop LV23 blue Fate armors, Worthy weapon and accessory fluxes, as well as possible Revenge, Sura's and Betrayer's green item drops and Tundra white item drops. Flourescent Sparkies drops LV24 green Infamous weapons in addition to the possible item and equipment drops listed for Firefly Sparkies.


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