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names for bookkeeping business

If you want to set up Delicious Cakes Ltd, you’ll probably find some enterprising baker has already registered it. Blissfully simple accounting software perfect for small businesses. Comprehensive accounting software and support for established limited companies. Then there construction bookkeeping are the practical aspects to consider, including buying a computer or laptop, purchasing accounting software and business stationery, and setting up a business bank account. You’ll need bookkeeping insurance as you’re providing an essential service for businesses.

names for bookkeeping business

We offer three short bookkeeping qualifications, which take from two to 12 months to complete. AAT bookkeeping qualifications provide training for a huge range of bookkeeping roles and are recognised by employers worldwide. They can prepare students to become an AAT bookkeeping member and also open up the opportunity to be your own boss. The first step, when we take on any client, is to gain an understanding of precisely what they need. If you have a lot of distinct brands that you wish to distinguish from one another then trading names may help here too.

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We help organisations to make better business decisions by developing integrated software solutions to minimise admin, make business processes more efficient and give more time to do what’s valued. Our software and services are used by accountants, schools, and teams in payroll, HR and finance to solve some of the most important operational business problems. These include the need to remain compliant with the law, drastically reduce time spent on administration and reporting; and generating actionable data insights to make better business decisions.

  • I have been reading losts of articles online and some schools of thought are that it should be your surname or full name, which is a very traditional approach.
  • From financial analysis to budgeting software and cloud-based solutions we can help you lead the way.
  • Commercially minded and pragmatic, Luke prides himself on building long lasting, trusted client relationships.
  • It is important to let people know your type of business you run in the name.
  • Oh and don’t forget if you’re going to sell internationally to check the meaning in other languages.
  • However, it's very important to make sure that the fees you charge for your services are enough to cover all of your operating costs, including staff wages and your own drawings.
  • Whether it’s paying staff or finding and hiring teachers we have everything you need to succeed.

Jayne is CIPD qualified and completed her training while working for the government. It is unlikely you will need this service, unless you are voluntarily registered for VAT. Contrast this with changing your company name registered at Companies House where you will need to go through an official procedure, and then change all of your contracts into the new official name. Company names must be unique and can’t look or sound like another company. For example, a company couldn’t register its name as “Media Marketing Eight” if there was another existing company called “Media Marketing 8”. As seen above, the introduction of MTD reinforces all of these reasons for businesses to out-source their bookkeeping, particularly smaller businesses without their own bookkeeping department.

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As an additional bonus, bookkeepers and accountants take care of all your number work for you, leaving you with spare time that you can use to concentrate on growing your business even more. As your business continues to grow, the more you’ll realise that each financial statement and accounting report grows more important. Professional bookkeeping and accounting in particular are the main tools that you need to ensure that your business can achieve growth and success. I'm an experienced and fully AAT and ACCA qualified accountant, who is enthusiastic about helping business owners succeed. You might decide to buy an existing bookkeeping business rather than start your own venture from scratch.

In the previous example, you would debit inventory and credit accounts payable. Information provided on the site is merely guidance that may change in line with UK law and regulations. Users must not consider this to be financial advice or their sole resource when making any financial decision. Spondoo is a trading name for Accounting SQL Limited, authorised & license accounting firm under the Institute of Financial Accountants. A Step-by-Step Guide This is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide, to opening a successful limited company.

Things to consider when naming a company

Students can start with any qualification depending on their existing skills and experience. If they already have some accounting experience, they shoulduse AAT Skillcheckto find out which qualification is right for them. We offer one of the most comprehensive bookkeeping services available.

This article talks about the HMRC company naming rules and how to check if you can use a name for a limited company. Emma Calder, Mary’s colleague at McBlain and DavisWe have a mix of different clientele, so it’s very interesting. Welcome to the website of County Accounting – self employed and small business bookkeepers & accountants in Southampton. Find world-class HR, payroll and compliance software and solutions for your school or trust.

Business Name Registration, UK: How to Go about It

You must include your company’s name on all company documents, marketing materials and letters. Failing to keep daily records can cause no end of problems when it comes to trying to balance books. Records should include things like business expenses spent by a business credit card, and business income from sales. The provision of food and drink to an employee by their employer is a lovely thing to do.

This might include all the record-keeping, production of payslips and online submission of RTI files to HMRC. Or you might charge on a per entry basis with additional charges being made such as for the printing of statements, sending out customer payment reminder letters and so on. If you are dealing with your clients' digital record keeping and quarterly returns after the introduction of Making Tax Digital , you will also probably aim to charge a fixed monthly fee. This step-by-step guide from Crunch will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. Trading names also allow you to have multiple functions for a single limited company. For example, you may be a freelance web designer who also does SEO work.