5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Business Process

automate business processes

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  • For example, if a request to unlock a company mobile phone is either partly or wholly automated, an employee doesn’t have to wait for the help desk to complete the request.
  • In this day and age of digital transformation, any business or organisation of any size with repetitive mundane tasks, can benefit from automating their business processes.
  • You can automatically identify customers slipping away or remaining inactive for a set period of time and proactively reach out to re-engage with them.
  • Automating business processes can play a role in a larger digital transformation, as your company is able to get more from digital and online services.
  • This enables you to save on storage costs by storing documents in the cloud.

With a Managed Mailroom Service, you can optimise communications, reduce manual handling of mail and ensure delivery to employees anywhere. The tasks a finance team might automate differ from the automation needs of a help desk team. Sales and marketing will use automation differently than a HR team, or a programming team. We still provide an overarching outline of ThinkAutomation, but the workflows and actions covered are based on your group's specific needs. Version migration often highlights a huge new range of opportunities for customers with legacy deployments.

Robotic Process Automation

It also means that some customers are using installations of older editions. This provides a great opportunity to address issues, assess achievements and identify next steps. ThinkAutomation must be tailored to your organisation to get what you want from it. But with so many options available, we often find that customer setup isn’t as efficient as it could be.

What business processes can I automate?

  • Data reporting.
  • Customer support ticketing.
  • Applicant screening during hiring.

While large-scale digital transformation might be put on hold, process automation and outsourcing are cost-effective projects to enhance digital maturity and make an immediate impact. Large companies – public limited companies and others – must report their energy use and carbon emissions yearly. By limiting paper use and power consumption, in some cases, business process management can help your organisation meet demanding ESG regulations. Companies often conflate it with business process automation, but while the two terms share commonality, they describe different concepts. You’ll be able to get an insight into how the product works and how to design the automated workflows that work for you – from an experienced automation technician, not a salesperson. Automation can also lead to increased employee engagement by making routine tasks less time-consuming, freeing people to focus on more interesting activities, improving job satisfaction and ultimately productivity.

Business Solutions

It’s important to recognise that automation is not solely an IT project, as there are many stakeholders and actors in the business that need to be engaged. This is also key because the challenge isn’t how to deploy automation technologies in the organisation but where to deploy it, meaning that it is crucial to identify where the opportunities exist for automation. Let’s be clear, automating processes is difficult and can present a wide array of challenges.

Automated customer support tools, for example, are a well-developed market and can help you automate routine customer queries and buyer journeys. Forecasting tools can take a lot of the manual work out of your financial planning. Key to building a successful BPA for your company is to clearly understand all the https://www.world-today-news.com/accountants-tips-for-effective-cash-flow-management-in-the-construction-industry/ processes of your business and approach it with a solid, analysis backed-up plan. Digital transformation helps you use tech solutions to create new value and benefits for your business. Transferring these processes to technology provides an additional level of oversight and quality assurance/quality control.

Leverage world-class Microsoft cloud software

But today’s ERPs have grown in capacity to bring intelligence and support to almost every area of the business and its operations. The best NLP-powered chatbots learn from the informational content of human speech but they also learn to interpret context, and tone. In process automation, NLP tools can help to better guide interactions, and answer standard inquiries both internally and from customers. In a competitive climate, it’s easier than ever for your customers to bounce away if they experience hassles and delays. Process automation helps to create a more personalised customer experience and move customers quickly and accurately through process flows.

Improve customer experience – deliver personalised seamless buying experiences with digital automations delivering high speed and accurate on-time service propositions. Using the likes of Microsoft Automate within Microsoft’s Power Platform streamlines repetitive tasks and paperless processes so you can focus your attention where it’s needed most. Adapt and innovate with the only portfolio of business applications that empowers your organisation to deliver operational excellence and streamline data processing.

Benefits Of Automation

"The time savings so far in using ThinkAutomation have been considerable. We’re probably just scratching the surface of the potential efficiencies the product can provide an enterprise of our size." Find out everything about our business news, product innovations and people, along with the events we’re hosting and attending. You don’t need to know all the ins and outs of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to build your processes – leave that to us. These Business Process Flows could include anything like processing patients in the medical sector to approving credit card applications in the finance sector. You can also use conditional logic to prompt new steps which may result from different situations.

  • Procurement processes can be quite complex, frequently involving a variety of steps and a wide number of stakeholders to review potentially areas of risk.
  • When BPA is introduced it can create accountability and traceability for each order, as well as ensuring that nothing is missed.
  • Power Automate uses connections to make it easy for you to access your data while building flows, including connections to over 100 other platforms.
  • It can also be licensed as a standalone product, with prices starting from £11.30 per month.
  • Conversely, a professional document management solution can help your people be more efficient, responsive and secure.

Business Process Flows are used to ensure that users enter data in a consistent manner and follow the correct steps each time. For example, you might want to create a Business Process Flow to have everyone handle customer service requests the same way, or to require that people get approval for a purchase before submitting an order. Automation can also help you improve how you re-engage with your customers. You can automatically identify customers slipping away or remaining inactive for a set period of time and proactively reach out to re-engage with them. This increases customer engagement, fosters stronger relationships, and boosts customer retention. Business Process Automation is a form of digital transformation that enables you to automate data flows and processes, along with integrating many business applications and systems.

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Invariably, there are a lot of moving parts involving workflows across multiple functions with tight deadlines. Employee onboarding is a great use case for business automation, ensuring the new starter has a smooth experience, and that everything works in a streamlined and seamless way. Automation is the process of taking these manual steps and either fully automating them or have minimal user input. To achieve this, it uses a Process Advisor capability which is an artificial intelligence.

automate business processes