The 7 Principles of Lean Software Development

Incorporating lean manufacturing and lean IT principles and practices is essential to delivering software to your customers quickly and easily. This course, Lean Software Development Fundamentals, will help you understand how the lean principles can be applied to software development so that you can more efficiently deliver software. First, you'll look at how the seven lean software principles apply to a software development team. Next, you'll discover lean methodology software what practices a team can introduce to help make the transition to lean easier, and how Kanban can help to make a team more efficient. Finally, you'll also get to think through a fictional example of a software development team delivering a call center application to their business. By the end of this course, you'll better understand how to develop your software in a lean way, and ultimately, you'll be able to deliver with increased efficiency.

What is Lean Software Development

Tests are written before the code is developed, allowing an engineer to anticipate all potential outcomes while developing. It increases the involvement power of your team as more and more members participate due to which the overall workflow becomes optimized and losses get reduced. With a focus on MVP, Lean Software Development prioritizes essential functions so this removes the risk of spending time on valueless builds. This is basically analyzing if a feature maps onto some product value or adds useless bloat instead. An example of such bloat are the features in the product you commonly use that you never knew about or those that irritate you, like ordering pizza from a banking app or video calls within IDE.

How to start implementing Lean methodology?

The team should be cohesive and have a very clear explanation of how they work together. This doesn’t mean you should not commit to anything – it simply means that you want to decide once you have all the information you need. The more information you have when the time comes, the better equipped you will be to make the right choice. For further reading, check out Tom and Mary Poppendieck’s Implementing Lean Software Development. Project members need to be diligent and disciplined when moving through a project – otherwise, the project cannot move forward.

What is Lean Software Development

Pair programming – this software engineering method combines the skills and experience of two developers instead of one. Each task is carried out by two developers, which helps figure out more effective solutions and deliver better quality of work. One downside is that Lean development can lead to a “ship it now, fix it later” mentality, which can result in lower quality products. Additionally, because Lean development relies heavily on customer feedback, it can be difficult to please everyone and meet all expectations.

Fast Delivery

Nevertheless, keep in mind that all Lean systems should be easily adaptable once the necessity appears. Repetitive processing of the same information, or a need to re-learn the same document or data. This happens when a team doesn’t have an effective knowledge-sharing approach and poorly documents its decisions and processes. When a new person joins the team, undocumented processes can be repeated. This waste occurs when developers need to jump from one context to another.

It is common for lean development teams to consist of cross-functional members who work together to accomplish their goals. You should adopt a collaborative approach to be successful. To help in that endeavor, we have a great list of the Top Collaboration Tools for Developers. Sign up for a 30-day free trial and you and your team can start building online Kanban boards today. Experience for yourself how AgilePlace supports continuous delivery initiatives, eliminates waste and improves your team’s delivery processes and speed.

Accelerate Your Development

In such a case, you may ask, “Does implementing automated testing make the development process more complex and longer? Even vice versa – automated testing helps faster delivery. Modern software development can be labeled anything, but definitely not a cakewalk. To ensure effective collaboration of all participants and build advanced solutions, companies apply various software development approaches, and one of them is Lean.

What is Lean Software Development

These are eliminated by our custom software development company through pair programming approaches and better collaborations. The first time I heard of lean manufacturing was in the context of Toyota in my business operation class. Everyone, like me, who read into lean principle, was completely fascinated by the concept of reducing waste and increasing productivity through an intentional design.

Lean Software Development Fundamentals

To successfully implement Lean, the team needs to be thoroughly educated and have a good understanding of its goals and principles. It involves building a modern, coherent working culture, and this won’t happen overnight. The team must be trained in communication, teamwork, and work optimization, preferably as part of a structured and facilitated process. This requires time, a change of mindset, and engaging resources. The next principle of Lean software development is learning as much as possible before committing to serious, irreversible decisions. This is because the market environment is constantly and rapidly changing.

  • Eventually, other manufacturing organizations across many industries began using this system, and the name later changed to Lean.
  • Lean focuses on building better processes, while Agile's focus is to build better products.
  • It is worth adding that the business only agrees to pay for the working product.
  • One of the goals is to ensure that knowledge is not held by only one person.
  • Lean programming also enhances team spirit and togetherness and automates repetitive work processes.

It also allows teams to focus on producing high quality software without undue pressure. Just fill the contact form and we’ll organize a free consultation with our experts. Lean methodology is a very flexible tool that can optimize various processes – from communication with stakeholders to project management and improvement of code quality. Lean software development is an adaptable process for creating and sustaining successful products. It follows the Lean Manufacturing approach principles developed in Toyota in the 1940s. Most automobile companies like Ford and Nissan practice this methodology.

Overcoming The Challenges of Using Lean Principles

Use a Kanban board to visualize your workflow to see where bottlenecks are happening and how long they take to clear. Partially done work – does not provide value to the customer or enable the team to gain knowledge from work. Lean software development is one of the groundbreaking methodologies to have revolutionized the whole value stream in IT. To achieve success, all development team members must collaborate. If you are looking to implement Lean development in your organization, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

What is Lean Software Development