A Cut Above the remainder: Blue Nile™ features an on-line Selection of beautiful Engagement Rings & Jewelry

The Short type: Picking out an engagement ring is a weighty task, but some cutting-edge sources will help consumers get it right the first time. Blue Nile, the entire world's largest web retailer of expensive jewelry, features assisted in more than 500,000 marriage proposals since 1999. Their own diamond collection and informative content serve novice customers seeking to impress their particular considerable other individuals with sparkly items of jewelry. Blue Nile ensures high quality craftsmanship within inventory of over 150,000 expensive diamonds and other gems. You'll be able to construct your very own ring using their interactive resources to select the slice, color, clearness, concept, setting, and price you would like. On the next occasion you're contemplating proposing or providing an intimate gift to someone special, you can easily search Blue Nile for amazing jewellery at a reasonable cost.


In 1998, Mark Vadon ended up being on a goal to obtain the best gemstone for his sweetheart — really the only issue was actually the guy didn't know anything about expensive diamonds. He went into a jewelry store and very quickly found themselves feeling skeptical about the employees people as well as their blasé advice. The guy revealed two rings that looked identical to him and asked precisely why there was clearly a $5,000 rate difference in all of them.

Product sales clerk smiled and mentioned exactly what mattered over the price was actually the way the ring made him feel. To Mark's logical mind, it was ludicrous. He strolled out from the store empty-handed and exasperated, but he had been also determined to learn more about engagement bands so the guy could comprehend exactly what he was investing in.

Mark, a Stanford-educated numbers cruncher, approached his ring-buying choice while he would a research task and moved on the internet receive all of the details. He come upon a niche site called Web Diamonds, a retailer that supplied educational information and guided lessons about expensive diamonds to augment their jewellery collection.

As a result of this source, Mark felt positive when buying an outstanding band online — for thousands around the bands he previously seen during the store.

He was so taken from this consumer-friendly experience he had gotten in contact with your website's proprietor, Doug Williams, to discuss purchasing the company. They received right up terms on a napkin over lunch. By spring season of 1999, Mark had raised significantly more than $6 million, sufficient to take over online Diamonds, that he renamed Blue Nile. These days, the website is the biggest on-line merchant of licensed diamonds and fine jewelry, nevertheless they nonetheless prioritize client education above all else.

"Education may be the backbone of our own organization," stated Josh Holland, Director of Brand feel. "we a customers-first mentality."

If you like it and want to put a band on it, you can trust Blue Nile to help make the process much easier by providing obvious information, expert advice, and a large number of independently-graded expensive diamonds. The website's ample methods go customers through important traits of a diamond and offer easy-to-use resources to narrow down your search for a stunning bit of precious jewelry.

"We you will need to guide men and women to make very best buy that is correct on their behalf," Josh informed united states. "We help consumers find the right mixture of characteristics to maximise their particular spending budget and get  a beautiful diamond."

Over 150,000 expensive diamonds Customizable towards resources & Taste

Any remarkable proposition begins with the diamond. You can't get upon one knee with any outdated ring in your hand. With an inventory in excess of 150,000 expensive diamonds, Blue Nile provides consumers no end of engaging alternatives. In accordance with Josh, about 70per cent of Blue Nile's income originates from engagement bands.

Website enables partners to produce unique bands from choosing the diamond to selecting the environment. Initially, might use straightforward slider resources to pick the best shape, price, carat, slice, color, and understanding of your diamond. After that, you will select a setting, sorting by shade, price, style, or fashion designer, to counterbalance the diamond. On Blue Nile, it requires a matter of minutes to build an original development.

Whether you're enamored of the sheen of platnium or attracted to platinum's resilience, Blue Nile can help you narrow down many options into one customized ring.

Obtaining engaged is actually a once-in-a-lifetime type occasion, so many people getting involvement bands tend to be novices, not sure of whatever they're looking for and original to ring buying. Blue Nile's team has got the knowledge to show first-timers how to locate the band that fits perfectly.

Easily accessible, clear, and useful, this jewelry retailer does not pressure clients into purchasing anything outside their means. Because Blue Nile operates as an on-line store, they usually have considerably less expense and may provide top quality diamonds at a fraction of the fee you had get in a normal precious jewelry shop.

Besides an independently-graded GIA document, lots of item photos reveal on-line consumers just what their own jewelry can look like from every possible angle. Plus, the website offers a 360-degree video clip look at any diamond via the Diamond Visualization Tool. Using sophisticated innovation, Blue Nile magnifies the diamond and rotates the image so customers is able to see every detail.

"you obtain an alternative sense of just what diamond seems like, while the graphic is actually spectacular," Josh informed you. "since it is so magnified is in reality better still than keeping it within hand."

Experienced Jewelers show you Smart Ring-Buying Practices

The degree part on Blue Nile's site encourages you to come to be an expert in diamonds. Their particular detailed precious jewelry books cover from finding the (or your spouse's) band size to picking out the diamond faculties most critical for your requirements. You can learn much more about metals, gemstones, pearls, wedding rings, and various other jewellery too.

"Even only a little bit of research may go quite a distance," Josh mentioned. By comprehending what makes a diamond almost expensive, consumers can prioritize what they want inside their jewellery and conserve money through smarter purchasing.

"My fiancé and I performed lots of research, therefore all paid down when we saw the band. Blue Nile is really great!" — Manjari, a satisfied customer from Irving, Colorado

Blue Nile supplies detailed sources so first-timers make well informed decisions about their diamond's carat, understanding, color, and various other aspects. The specialist staff fails on payment and honestly seeks to support free purchasing guidelines. In relation to diamond carat weight, for example, their unique experts advise "to maximize your financial allowance, consider buying a diamond definitely somewhat below your ideal carat weight."

Associates after all levels of the organization usually just take an individual fascination with customers. "One of my favorite stories," Josh informed united states, "is our very own jewelers take note of the name on the buyer with the band they can be dealing with so it's not simply a ring for them."

Every plan & Guarantee places the client's Needs First

Oftentimes, purchasing a diamond means making a lifelong devotion, so it is crucial that you choose a reliable retailer so that the proper fit. Blue Nile claims fulfillment through a lot of customer-first guidelines. Like, the business makes a 30-day money back guarantee on comes back regarding their own jewellery.

"top quality and quality is vital to all of us," Josh mentioned. "We make sure that the band is exactly great earlier fades the doorway, and now we stand behind that actually work with a no-questions-asked return plan."

Blue Nile supplies free resizings and cleanings while in the first year after purchasing a tailored engagement ring. Plus, customers enjoy an eternity diamond improvement plan should they actually wish to change their unique diamond with a more recent, more expensive diamond.

If you'd like to actually see Blue Nile's jewellery for yourself, you might get a webroom place in your area. In shops across the nation, shoppers can consult with well-informed jewelers as well as deal with Blue Nile's jewellery. The webroom's jewelry is actually for screen just, but you can utilize their iPad to place an order, if you want. Blue Nile's real areas tend to be a no-pressure atmosphere where browsers are this is take a look at and feel their precious jewelry.

"There's hardly any danger," Josh demonstrated. "We know the intrinsic property value what our very own jewellery often means to someone, which is a responsibility we simply take incredibly really."

Unlike the majority of jewellery vendors, Blue Nile promotes contrast purchasing. Indeed, they suggest opening their internet site on your own mobile device during a jewelry store so you're able to do a side-by-side assessment of costs in real time. This empowers you to get best package in-store an internet-based.

Based on Blue Nile's Price Match Guarantee, "if you find a comparable GIA-graded diamond at a lesser rate," they will complement the purchase price. Just call 1-888-565-7641 in order to make the claim free-of-charge. With uncompromising design and irresistible prices, Blue Nile guarantees fulfillment on every sale.

Blue Nile: Helping You discover Your Diamond during the Rough

We've all heard expensive diamonds are a female's closest friend, but, for every you fellas online, expensive diamonds could be your own buddy, too, for the full time in order to comprehend the thing that makes all of them glow. Blue Nile creator Mark Vadon revealed firsthand exactly how overwhelming it can be to choose a wedding ring. Thus, the guy demonstrated an easier strategy to teach consumer about diamond prices, and now you can buy your selected band online for a fraction of the price.

Made to final, Blue Nile supplies reasonably priced and strikingly gorgeous expensive diamonds in a variety of shades, slices, and designs. From one-of-a-kind wedding rings to stylish valentine's pendants, their unique considerable collection of jewellery contributes price towards unique moments.

Blue Nile backs the caliber of their diamonds with customer-first policies and higher level custom tools. If you wish to program anyone you like how much he/she method for you, buying a diamond, pearl, or gem can do just fine. Using Blue Nile's buying tips, engaged couples can learn how to spend less on their unique wedding or marriage rings so they really do have more to spend from the honeymoon!

"you may get a diamond ring in a more contemporary way through Blue Nile. It's not necessary to do it the old means anymore," Josh stated. "We want to teach people to buy like professionals, making use of our recommendations for the cost they really want without compromising high quality."